Website Hosting & Management

Traditionally, businesses became successful by word of mouth and by being the sole provider of that particular product or service. Oh, how things have changed. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools, but the difference is in the sheer number of competitors. Every unique business is bound to have a similar if not the same business running parallel – and it’s a marathon!

Your Website is Part of Your Brand’s Identity

A successful business in today’s world has a strong online presence, and this is one way to stay ahead of the game. Websites are the ‘head office’ of a business’ web identity, with tools like Instagram and Google Shopping branching off the domain. A strong website needs to visually project the brand’s vision and values, while providing valuable information to both existing and potential customers. It needs to be user friendly, exude professionalism and creativity, and have little to no downtimes.

The IT Room Touch

We help businesses manage their websites by providing system and server hosting facilities. By outsourcing website management, businesses can de-clutter their schedules and be free of the responsibilities that come with the upkeep of a website. Investing in website hosting is the convenient, efficient and secure way to wow your audience with a high quality website while maintaining control of the whole affair.

Our website hosting service includes a domain name, sub-domains, generous storage and disk space, large bandwidth, email accounts, anti-virus software and more. Our IT experts use the latest technologies and NZ based servers to ensure your website is putting its best foot forward, and we provide monthly graphics and charts to show overall website performance.

To find out more about website hosting or other IT services, get in touch with us. Our services include cloud backups, computer repair and web design in Wellington.