Website Design

Looking for a web design company to help transform your online presence? We can help.

Sight is our most dominant sense – which is why you need a beautifully designed website. People are instinctively drawn to things that are visually appealing, trusting it, resonating with it, and seeking pleasure from it by sheer default.  At IT Room, our team of creatives can build a tailored site for your business, so you can attract more visitors, earn their respect and loyalty, rank higher on search engines, and retain all the attention! Read more about our web design Wellington services below.

Custom Website Design

As an IT and web design company, we create custom-designed websites that are responsive on desktop, mobile and tablets. In this day and age, it doesn’t make sense to have a website that isn’t uniquely optimised for the many platforms content is accessed through, so we make sure to design websites that are user friendly and highly functional no matter the device. A great website can’t just ride by on its looks, it needs to operate seamlessly too, so we combine innovative creativity with all the technical stuff, to build websites with a sweet face and secure infrastructure.

Web Design for Businesses Large and Small

From small start-ups to large corporations, we are skilled in designing intuitive websites to help you reach your business goals. We sit down with our clients, take the time to learn about their business’ story, identity and values, and help build a genuine voice and brand. After all, a website isn’t just about providing information and generating leads – it’s about giving your customers a memorable experience. If you are thinking of creating a website or need an upgrade, leave it to the experts for the best results.

For web design in Wellington or any other bustling hub in New Zealand, get in touch! Our services also include computer repair, IT support, and more.