SEO, AdWords (PPC) & Digital Marketing Services

If you own a business, you know how important it is to rank highly on search engines. Your brand needs to make positive, memorable and regular appearances to stay in the minds of your customers, and to make connections with new ones. SEO, AdWords and digital marketing focuses on working out strategies to meet your target audience, maintain a purposeful presence online, and rise above your competitors. Sound good? Well, there’s more.

Optimise Your Online Presence & Convert Visitors into Customers

We can help you strengthen your brand’s identity and help you understand your audience’s motivations and interests. You may think you’ve already ticked off all of these boxes, but the online world is full of clever tricks and complications that can be as frustrating as losing the last puzzle piece. Your business is judged not only by its quality of services or products, but for its keywords, website content, presentation, user experience, and a whole lot more.

Professional, third-party SEO, AdWords and digital marketing assistance can make a big difference. Our services include keyword optimised content creation, local SEO, competitor analysis, on-page audit, social media marketing, and more. We use AdWords PPC to bid on keywords and search phrases that your potential customers are most likely to search, and the great thing is you only pay for what you use. This has a proven track record in creating highly profitable campaigns.

Local Help at Your Doorstep

Work with the team at IT Room and see your business reach new limits. We’ll provide monthly reports and insights so you have evidence of growth at your fingertips, and we can sit together and plan effective and efficient ways to promote brand awareness and success. Our office is based in Wellington and we provide a range of IT support, including computer repair and cloud backups. To enquire further about our SEO, AdWords and digital marketing services or any other IT support, get in touch with us today.