Network Services


ITroom can deliver on all Wireless requirements, from small office connectivity, to hotels, apartment complexes, and multi-level buildings, through to internet building connectivity with air-fibre, and other point-to-point scenarios.

We use trusted equipment including Ruckus, Cisco – Meraki, Ubiquiti, and Mikrotik.


Network infrastructure is key to delivering any service.  We have the expertise to advise on, connect and inter-connect your LAN’s, WAN’s, SAN’s and more.  Our expertise includes, but not limited to:

  • Managed LAN and WAN configurations
  • Switching, Cisco, ATI, Mikrotik, HP
  • Geographically Distributed networks, layer 2 bridging, VPN and more.
  • VLAN and Segmentation (telephony/LAN)
  • Software defined networking
  • Fire-walling incluging, Cisco ASA. SonicWall, Fortigate, Axiom

Whatever your network requirement, we can advice, configure, install, connect and manage your network.


No network is complete without comprehensive monitoring and management. Our NOC (Network Operations Centre) notifies us in realtime of wireless and switched network outages so we react and resolve issues – often before the client notices!