Cloud Computing & Backups

Come join us on the Cloud and free your hands for more pressing matters. Running a business is hard work as it is, but add the constant management and administration of IT infrastructures, and you won’t have any space left in your weekly planner! Move some or all of your IT infrastructure to the Cloud and enjoy the convenience and ease of it all.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is essentially hosting remote servers on the Internet. This makes data easily shareable, meaning your employees can access the same information at the same time. There’s no more need for USB sticks and emails with files attached – everything is in one location. Not only does this empower employees, but it improves business productivity.

All data in the Cloud is stored in one of New Zealand’s highly secure data centres, providing a peace of mind as data resilience is improved. All networks, servers and applications are still controlled by the owner, regardless of location, but storing it in the Cloud means data is fully managed, flexible, scalable and secure. Our cloud computing service can help your business access leading technologies without you needing to buy or install bulky packages.

Cloud Backup

Backing up your data in the Cloud gives you peace of mind in case disaster ever strikes and your computing equipment gets damaged. Files that are backed up in the Cloud are easily restorable, ensuring that your business can continue running even in the face of unexpected catastrophes. Talk to us about Cloud backups.

Do Bigger Things in the Cloud

At ITroom, we provide cloud computing services to local businesses of all shapes and sizes. For a fixed monthly fee, you can experience the efficiency and professionalism of working within the Cloud. Based in Wellington, we provide a complete range of IT support, from cloud computing to connecting business telephone lines. To find out more about cloud computing or our other IT services, enquire online.