0800 Numbers

Transfer your existing number, or create a new toll-free phone solution with our 0800 Numbers service. In New Zealand, toll-free numbers can be 0800, 0508, or even customised with words, giving businesses more opportunities to be creative and unique. At IT Room, we offer local, national and international toll-free numbers at competitive flat rates.

Benefits of an 0800 Number

Having a 0800 number makes your business appear larger and more professional. It shows that you care about your customers, as you pay for all incoming calls, whether from a landline or mobile phone. When your audience knows they can call for free, chances are they are more likely to ring your business to enquire about your products or services. It is a great marketing tool to provide a communications service of a high standard, and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When your customers are happy, your business will thrive. 0800 numbers are easier to remember, which in turn will make your business more memorable. It’s easy to set up a toll-free number with IT Room, and the benefits are endless. You’ll keep reaping the rewards as more and more customers dial your number. The number will serve as an advertisement, brand mascot and phone line in one.

0800 Services

Our sophisticated 0800 services will help your business receive more calls. Our plans also include a confidential pin and reporting capabilities, so you have an analysis of customer calls, including the time of day and missed calls. Any missed calls can also be redirected to another number or to a customised answering machine.

The team at IT Room can help you streamline all of your business telecommunication needs, including 0800 numbers. Get in touch with us today to enquire about prices, or to learn about our other services. We provide computer repair, cloud backups, VoIP phone services and more.