Netflix in NZ with U.S. content!

As you may be aware, Netflix is now available in New Zealand which means you don’t need a U.S. based postal address or a U.S. Netflix account, nor do you have to work around the IP address zoning to get access. You can also easily get ALL the content from anywhere in the world. Netflix can tell where you are in the world by your internet connection address, so you will only get content or no-content depending on what’s allowed in your zone.

The basics are as follows:

  1. Have you got an XBOX or APPLE TV?  If not, get one….
  2. Download the Netflix application…
  3. Sign up for a 1 month Trial using you’re remote, while sitting on your couch… EASY!!!

Now you are seeing NZ content only, if you want see what’s available in the USA, do the following:

  1. Go to from any internet connected device in your house and setup an account (it’s free for a week)
  2. Change your DNS settings in your router to the ones listed in the unblock-us website (call us if you need a hand)
  3. Select the Zone you want to see the content from, then open Netflix.  Voila!