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UFB Consent Process Improved

Your fibre dream could now be a reality Post from Chorus Blog, Oct 12th Changes to consenting laws may mean your fibre order can now proceed. If previously your fibre dreams have been thwarted by un-consenting neighbours, now is the time to try again. Recent changes to the Telecommunications Act may mean that this time […]

BYOD – Using personal devices on the Company network

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has been a request of IT administrators since home laptops became affordable. Unfortunately giving users the ability to use personal devices on a company network brings with it a number of risks and factors which need to be taken into consideration including: Security – Does connecting the device offer any […]

Free VPN in Opera browser

With our eyes firmly on security – it seems just about every company is trying to make things easy for users but to the detriment of enterprise security. Dropbox has been getting files in and out of business for years, Chrome has been installed without administrative permissions to bypass enterprise proxies, Opera browser now ships […]

Call Centre setup in Ruatoria, NZ

ITroom is proud to have been involved in bringing Connect Global’s call centre to Ruatoria on the East Cape of NZ. The main challenge has been connectivity and bandwidth, but with VDSL provided by nzwireless and microwave link from Gisborne-Net, we’ve been able to deliver a facility worthy of being in any business centre, but […]

Google’s free unlimited photo storage

The tech giant is giving everyone in the planet (or rather everyone with a Google account, which is close to the same thing) unlimited storage for all of their photos and videos for free, for ever and ever, via its new Google Photos app. The announcement, which had been widely rumoured, was made yesterday at […]

Netflix in NZ with U.S. content!

As you may be aware, Netflix is now available in New Zealand which means you don’t need a U.S. based postal address or a U.S. Netflix account, nor do you have to work around the IP address zoning to get access. You can also easily get ALL the content from anywhere in the world. Netflix can tell where […]

Windows on your Android

What if your old android was given a new lease of life? What if it ran faster than it ever did, even when it was new? Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10 that can run on android hardware, and will run faster and smoother and android itself. This is no prank […]

Write on paper, but stored in your phone

ITroom are now resellers of LiveScribe smart-pens which are the best on the market. Write on paper and have it captured immediately in your iPad or iPhone, then email selected pages to meeting attendees or secretary.  The i-device application also converts your handwriting to text, and synchronises with Evernote and One-note. Ask us for a demo […]

Microsoft’s Deal With Dropbox

Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365 tie the knot…  It may not be the news that makes me jump up and down as Dropbox still poses great security risk to any business, however – if you want the best synchronisation technology, with the best productivity suite, then this is going to be one relationship worth looking […]

iPhone 6 Plus may be recalled

The iPhone 6 Plus 128GB model may need to be recalled due to defective flash RAM. A report from Business Korea warns that Apple might be facing a huge potential iPhone 6 Plus recall, not because it bends — something that is a problem for many buyers, even though the company tried its best to […]