Microsoft Officially Releases Edge (Chromium)

Microsoft has officially launched its new Edge Chromium based browser today for both Windows and macOS.

What does this mean?  There is now a native Microsoft browser that will give you the benefits of Google’s Chrome browser (performance and compatibility) with the addition of better security, and synchronisation of your favorites, settings, addresses and passwords using your Microsoft and 365 accounts.

Edge is very similar to Chrome and includes support for Chrome extensions which means you can replace Chrome right away should you choose. We’ve been using Edge Chromium for months and think its great – its now the most compatible browser available, so why wouldn’t you use it?

This is a game changer for business and streamlines user migration operations and inter-device operations.  Edge has IE mode which allows you load legacy IE sites, tracking prevention for your security, and features like collections that allow you to collate images and content from the web.

You can also install Edge on your mobiles and have your settings sync there too.  Want to know more? Download and try it now!