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BYOD – Using personal devices on the Company network

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has been a request of IT administrators since home laptops became affordable. Unfortunately giving users the ability to use personal devices on a company network brings with it a number of risks and factors which need to be taken into consideration including:

  • Security – Does connecting the device offer any threat to the network? Is it up to date with sufficient virus protection?
  • Conformance – Is the software on the device approved for use on company data?
  • Auditing – If data is taken offsite and edited will users connected to the network have access to the most recent version?
  • Liability – Who is responsible for the data being managed on a personal device?

Obviously given the minefield of potential issues BYOD is not a policy that will be suitable for all businesses but it does come with a number of benefits. Having access to work files at any time means increased flexibility and productivity. Smart devices such as iPhones and Android handhelds have given users the ability to experience the full office environment remotely and the range of solutions available can be deployed with minimal setup cost while still retaining security and data integrity.

For more information on BYOD options and how this might benefit your organization please feel free to contact the team here.