Opera Browser

Free VPN in Opera browser

vpn-enabled-popupWith our eyes firmly on security – it seems just about every company is trying to make things easy for users but to the detriment of enterprise security. Dropbox has been getting files in and out of business for years, Chrome has been installed without administrative permissions to bypass enterprise proxies, Opera browser now ships with a built in VPN and has the ability to covertly browse any content monitored and unrestricted, and mask the origin of the user.

Click here to read the official info on opera.com

While home users may agree that Opera is great for personal security, and promising for accessing zone restricted media content across the globe like Netflix, businesses should be concerned.  The digital landscape is changing fast and much of what’s happening in the workplace is driven by convenience and user preferences, bringing their ‘tools’ into the workplace because ‘they need them to work effectively’.  Unfortunately alot of this software can be installed without administrative permissions – allowing users to evade security measures instantly.  If business owners or management cannot control, monitor or audit user activity – this can put them in harms way legally and financially.

VERDICT: Great VPN feature – in a clean fast browser.  Highly recommended for home use, but avoid in the workplace unless your business is to snoop.