Connect Global Ruatoria Front

Call Centre setup in Ruatoria, NZ

ITroom is proud to have been involved in bringing Connect Global’s call centre to Ruatoria on the East Cape of NZ. The main challenge has been connectivity and bandwidth, but with VDSL provided by nzwireless and microwave link from Gisborne-Net, we’ve been able to deliver a facility worthy of being in any business centre, but instead – in a location that needs the jobs.

The cause could be further helped with Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) which isn’t yet available to the centre, but will be in the next phase of the UFB roll-out.

We also look forward to being part of the sequel – a new call centre in Patea, NZ. Good on you Connect Global for taking jobs to the people, where it really makes a difference.


Ruatoria Call Centre