Netflix in NZ with U.S. content!

As you may be aware, Netflix is now available in New Zealand which means you don’t need a U.S. based postal address or a U.S. Netflix account, nor do you have to work around the IP address zoning to get access. You can also easily get ALL the content from anywhere in the world. Netflix can tell where you are in the world by your internet connection address, so you will only get content or no-content depending on what’s allowed in your zone.

The basics are as follows:

  1. Have you got an XBOX or APPLE TV?  If not, get one….
  2. Download the Netflix application…
  3. Sign up for a 1 month Trial using you’re remote, while sitting on your couch… EASY!!!

Now you are seeing NZ content only, if you want see what’s available in the USA, do the following:

  1. Go to from any internet connected device in your house and setup an account (it’s free for a week)
  2. Change your DNS settings in your router to the ones listed in the unblock-us website (call us if you need a hand)
  3. Select the Zone you want to see the content from, then open Netflix.  Voila!


Windows Phone

Windows on your Android

What if your old android was given a new lease of life? What if it ran faster than it ever did, even when it was new? Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10 that can run on android hardware, and will run faster and smoother and android itself. This is no prank either… Microsoft are testing it now on Xiaomi.

Xiaomi-Windows-PhoneMicrosoft goes rogue: Windows on Android

“At a recent Windows Hardware Engineering Community summit in China, Windows chief Terry Myerson revealed a number of newsworthy tidbits about Windows 10, the unified operating system whose universal nature will allow developers to code apps which run on a host of different device classes. Headlining the announcements was the expected summer release timetable, followed by free upgrade plans for current users, along with an update on the long-anticipated Windows phone from Lenovo.

At the very end of the news items, almost as an aside, came word of a unprecedented trial that Microsoft is undertaking “in partnership” with popular Chinese handset manufacturer Xiaomi. According to Myerson, a select group ofXiaomi Mi 4 owners (power users, he calls them) will be invited to test out a custom Windows 10 ROM on their devices. Devices that ship running not Windows out of the box, but Android.

Microsoft has prepared a build of Windows 10 for phones, that is capable of powering Android hardware; this is not just an emulator or even a dual-boot option, but an actual replacement for the stock Android firmware.

It should be clear why this potentially explosive piece of news was relegated to an afterthought. The idea that Microsoft could make an end-run around manufacturers (many of whom are its partners in other device classes) and offer to turn their handsets into de facto Windows phones by appealing directly to the consumer, flies in the face of everything you thought you knew about the mechanics of the consumer electronics industry.”