Windows 10 Release Nears

Microsoft is due to release the publicly available version of Windows 10 on the 29th of this month, firstly to the users who have been beta testing it and eventually to everyone else. There are a few differences this time around, most noticeably in the fact that it will be free to upgrade (for the first initial 12 months) to any one running the latest versions of Windows 7 and above.

There is a good chance you may have seen an icon in your system tray alerting you to this and prompting you to sign up so that you receive this latest release as soon as possible. Once it is available the upgrade process will be available as a Windows update and depending on your computer’s specs may take anywhere from 1-2hrs. This time around the upgrade process is pretty painless and will require only a couple of clicks to get up and running.

Anyone running Windows 8.1 shouldn’t be in for too much of a shock (besides from the return of the start menu) but people familiar only with Windows 7 will need time to adjust, luckily most configuration has been simplified and finding files and applications can be accessed via a centralized search bar. Power users may find the change a little frustrating but as with anything, will adapt as time goes on.

New features include:

  • Cortana (Microsoft's answer to Siri but for desktop also)
  • A redesigned GUI, start menu has returned but also supports tiles similar to the metro interface
  • Microsoft Edge (Microsoft's newest browser replacing the long abhorred Internet Explorer)
  • Windowed Metro apps, no longer requiring the full use of your screen
  • Embedded OneDrive to help sync files across multiple devices....and much more

For any help upgrading, installing or troubleshooting this latest release feel free to contact any of us in the office and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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